Ancient vaults, thick walls - sleep in a real castle and enjoy the best Youth Hostel standards at Nuremberg Youth Hostel. Like with earlier Developer Days we consider it important to have everything bound to the event at the same location - sessions as well as accommodation. So we booked a castle for the T3DD exclusively.


There are 92 modern rooms that offer enough space. Every room comes with its own shower and toilets. Rooms split up as follows: 20 two-bed, 10 three-bed, 47 four-bed, 4 five-bed, 11 six-bed. Unfortunately we cannot provide single bedrooms, but all double beds can be split to twins. We expect rooms to be occupied with at least two and up to four people.

Every room is booked with breakfast, bedding and towels. Each room has a fixed price of 288,– € for all four nights combined and will be split up evenly between the people renting the room. The rooms are - in contrast to last year - already available to every attendant from Wednesday 31st August 2016 evening on. Which in fact means early arrival for everyone!

You can tell us your room mates during registration. We will arrange the room occupation accordingly and notify you upfront. The more you are per room, the bigger the assigned room will be.