Can I get a single room at the hostel?

No, but you can share your room with the roommate you like.

Is it loud during the night?

Sure, during the evening there are people sitting on the outside. We'll try to remind the attendees to behave respectfully, but we cannot ensure whether they do so. If you need to go to bed early, bring some ear-plugs. And there are also some nice hotels in N├╝rnberg, you do not need to stay at the hostel. :)

Is there air conditioning?

We really hope to have nice and warm weather. As the castle is an historical building, air-conditioning is not allowed. Up to certain levels the strong walls keep the temperature on the outside, but after extended or extreme hot periods they may suffer. After all, the DDs are this year in September where extreme hotness is rather rare.

Can I bring my partner to the event?

Feel free, but no cats, dogs and kids. Your partner may not join the sessions. But he / she can share your room and attend to all the social stuff. If desired, there will be a sightseeing program. We will keep you informed. Partner tickets will be offered on the registration page.


Please note: We can only offer a T-Shirt for you if you are registered until July 26th.

Further questions? Please write an email to Andrea.